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Sardinia Same Sex Wedding Photographer for your LGBQT+ Intimate and Inspiring Gay Wedding in Alghero

For the last 3 years Nina e Petra dreamed about their destination wedding in Sardinia.

Covid and pandemic have changed our lives. We all know this.

I met these two incredible girls back in 2020 after being in touch with them starting from 2019 and, with the first allowed travels to Italy, they came from UK to Alghero to visit this incredible island, starting to plan their wedding, luckily in 2021 or 2022.

We met, we laughed, we drank, we took selfies, we decided to do a pre-wedding photo shoot to exorcise the global pandemic as a sign of hope searching for some sweet caress to our hard-hit souls.

If you did not already see the blog post you can do it here. We all desperately needed lightness and to come back to normality. We promised to see each other again as soon as possible.

And the day has come in a warm day of June of this year.

The wedding celebration took place in one of the most beautiful Alghero's beaches next to a big pine forest. Surrounded by nature with the amazing sea-view of Porto Conte's natural park, the guests arrived walking on the shoreline and a very talented duo, singer and guitar player, gave them a tender welcome. The lovely notes spread in nature together with the sound of the waves. Everything was so magical.

Love is Love and bright colors were the theme of the day, bringing further joy, desire to share, feeling free, having fun and celebrate the love of this amazing girls for an unconventional wedding party.

Everyone who participated in the making of this event fell madly in love not only with Nina and Petra but also with all their guests, friends, family and the desire to simply be themselves.

We went through very funny to really intense and touching moments. The strength and love that was unleashed between everyone was immensely strong and I thank these fabulous girls for giving me the privilege of telling one of the most important days of their lives. Thank you.

Music: Andrea Valeri & Marianna Blinova

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