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From Australia to Balai: Hotel Lybissonis Porto Torres, Sardinia Wedding Photographer

Love is Love! And so it was, all over again, this year... This time was about the crazy and beautiful wedding of two fabulous girls who celebrated their endless love.   Because it happens that crossing its borders, even when meeting a new and large land like Australia, Sardinia carries the richness of its history, opening itself to the infinity, like its sea and  the horizons, above all things. So, these families living so much far away have found each other for the first time to celebrate the great love of two girls who chose each other in the promise of love and mutual support. They did it in front of a large group of friends and relatives, while offering them a magical and lively Sardinian summer. The suggestive Balai Beach was the perfect spot for a touching ceremony, followed by loud and crazy celebrations alternated with moments of joy for the emotional fathers-daughters dance ... among sparkling tears. A deep empathy that enlightened a warm and clear August night.


Venue: Balai beach, Hotel Libyssonis

Wedding Cake and Sweets: Pasticceria Manuela Acciaro


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