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Sardinia Wedding in Alghero, Agriturismo Sa Mandra Farmhouse Wedding Photographer

Two amazing guys, a British and a Norwegian, living in Oslo. A year and half ago they contacted me because they decided to get married in their favorite place: Alghero, on the beautiful Riviera del Corallo, Sardinia. They brought together one hundred guests from all over the world, to share with them precious moments giving them a unique experience in one of the most famous farmhouses in Sardinia and Italy, where you can breathe the authentic Sardinian tradition, wisely narrated and displayed by Rita and Maria Grazia from “Sa Mandra” family.

Sometimes, to celebrate and totally fulfil a twelve-year-long love dream is that simple: a shirt, a pair of sunglasses and lots of hugs. I always ask my couples if there's something specific that my photographs should narrate with particular care... well, their answer was to give the best attention to catch the moments when they welcomed their friends and family one by one, because all were there to celebrate them. The hugs, the smiles, the first tears. The emotions leaked out in the beginning were a sign of how the day would have been... in the air we breathed for the entire day deep love, visceral and almost poignant... feelings so immense that several times they made me shed tears.

“Sa Mandra” was the perfect place for the celebration, among its myrtle and olive trees, the aromatic plants and the farm, the Mediterranean colours, the sun rays on the murals with drawings of the Sardinian tradition. Their Guests met here, after a long time or for the first time, all there together for them, accompanied by guitar notes and the sweet voice of an English singer arrived in Alghero for the occasion. Then the ceremony, on a simple green lawn with all the guests in silence and the voices broken by the emotion telling for the story of their lives together made of happy and difficult moments, the promises of an eternal love made of gentle caresses and romantic looks.

The dinner was marked by silent moments of respectful listening to those speeches that gradually traced the intertwining of two lives, creating an atmosphere full of deep affection and love. After that everyone let loose, mothers, aunts, dancers of London and Oslo opera, DJs with loud music, wild dancing at typical Dirty Dancing style, between lights, and a toast ending up directly in the pool.

Thank you guys for giving us the opportunity to live your moment, the most beautiful day of your life, welcoming me and my wife, and involving us in this magical day that made us fall in love with you even more. We love you and we can't wait to hug you again!



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