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about me

...before having a coffee together

you should know that... I'm a dreamer, heart-thinker, deeply in love with the art of cinema, with folk and rock music. Photography is like my life: I let myself inspire by details and authentic emotions, those one that make me/you cry (!) I'm constantly fascinated by mother earth, its colors, lights and sea. I find inspiration in deep human connections and in what it pulls out of me, as I often imagine my life as an epic novel with an overwhelming soundtrack. It takes my breath away.


My everyday's challenge is to document people's stories, their own love stories. I want to leave a concrete example of (the) something bigger and deeper around you, around me, inside of you, inside of me, because great moments don't happen everyday. So, please, bring your raw love to me and I will be honored to create your future memories with my romantic vision. I promise that those moments will last forever as one of the most precious things you have. Trust me, give me the chance to show you what I see over there.

This is a part of - the why - I shoot. This is me. Just a simple man who cares to document your beautiful life. Together with my family, this is all I need.

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