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From St. Pietroburgo to Alghero, Sardinia Family Photographer

The three ages of woman... Gustav Klimt portrayed them perfectly with that talent that gave him such much deserved fame.

And when Nina from Russia asked for a family photo shoot, during their trip to Sardinia, with her mother Olga and her thirteen months granddaughter Lia, almost immediately the great Viennese painter came to my mind. The romantic idea of this young woman traveling to the Mediterranean coast with her daughter and mother, made me think of something new. A feminine journey.

During the days before the shooting, I studied locations and lights, planning clear skies and warm sun rays. But in that day I did not consider the weather well enough: so variable with a cloudy sky and grey lights. With a bit of bitterness I started taking pictures, knowing that I could not offer them the best I wanted. There was not so much light, the sun was hidden by a completely veiled sky. The wind was ruffling their hair. The tiredness of the journey was annoying the little girl so much that she cried out of exhaustion.

Going back home I didn't feel satisfied with my work, I wanted golden shades like the klimtiane ones, and instead I had to settle for a clear, gray sky. It took me a whole day before I took those photos in my hands again, and inside I found something I had never found so vivid in one of my shootings before: authenticity.

The more I look at them, the more I see something true and authentic, like never before. A piece of truth, a fragment of their life in my shots. And the perfect lights and colors wrap the bond of these three amazing women. I held something delicate and authentic in my hands, and then I let it fly.

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