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Frida's Timeless Legacy in Barbagia, Sardinia: A Fusion of Cultures and the Flourishing of Artistry

Sardinia Su Gologone bride groom mise en place editorial shooting Elisa Mocci flowers
Frida's Timeless Legacy in Barbagia, Sardinia: A Fusion of Cultures and the Flourishing of Artistry

Amidst the crystal-clear sea and rugged coastline, enveloped by mountains and Mediterranean nature, a captivating and unconventional hotel awaits. This unique establishment forms a world of its own, where the richness of Sardinian culture converges with art collections, antiques, and the most contemporary design elements.

Situated in the heart of Barbagia, a mere few hundred meters from Sardinia's most enchanting Karst spring, lies a small Eden of turquoise waters nestled among the rocks. This pristine oasis not only captivates with its natural beauty but also lends its name to the chosen location for our styled shooting.

Established in the 1960s as a modest refuge in the rugged and unfamiliar terrain at the core of Sardinia, Hotel Su Gologone has evolved into a globally acclaimed and award-winning destination. Its allure and distinctiveness are owed to the dedicated efforts of its owner, Giovanna Palimodde, and preceding her, her mother, Mrs. Pasqua. Both a painter and collector, Giovanna is, above all, a creative spirit whose visionary ideas have introduced Supramonte to the world, solidifying the hotel's reputation for charm and uniqueness.

On our initial visit, Giovanna shared insights into her global studies and travels. She unveiled sacred objects and ceramics emblematic of Sardinian craftsmanship, showcasing not only tradition but also her innovative approach through paintings in her own creations. Giovanna's ability to blend tradition and innovation was evident in the captivating narrative she wove during our exploration.

The Art Workshops of Su Gologone come alive with skilled weavers crafting exquisite embroideries. From shawls inspired by traditional Oliena costume designs to fine fabrics, these artisans skillfully blend yarns and colors, achieving a perfect harmony in each creation.

Our greatest challenge was finding harmony—a project in a uniquely special place, weaving a style that resonated with the richness of colors, art, and poetry inherent to the location. The concept emerged as a Styled Shooting editorial, envisioning the convergence and "collision" of two distant yet remarkably close worlds. This union unfolded through vibrant colors, the interplay of sacred and profane art, and the influence of Catholicism manifested in material forms and ritual customs.

Mexico, though distant from Barbagia, infuses our creative process with vitality and serves as the dream setting for an intimate destination wedding. The richness of influences from this faraway land adds a unique and enchanting dimension to our vision.

An "encounter" blossomed between Sardinian tradition and Mexican culture, culminating in a floral tribute to Frida Kahlo, an iconic figure in Mexico a painter and poetess who profoundly influenced our vision. In crafting the look for our bride, we selected a precious shawl from a private collection, complemented by ancient Sardinian jewelry and modern macramé creations to adorn two dresses, capturing the essence of two distinct moments in the day.

Su Gologone's spring, framed by crystal-clear waters and a quaint stone church, provides an idyllic backdrop for the ceremony. Picture a unique wedding ring crafted from an embroidery hoop adorned with fresh flowers. Pledging eternal love with Frida's poems, holding an ancient rosary, and casting colored petals on the water create a beautiful tapestry of sacred and pagan rites a memory to cherish.

The sacred elements found at Su Gologone, particularly the extensive array of holy water fonts, served as the inspiration for our stylistic theme throughout various details. We were captivated by the sacred heart, known as "Su Coru" in Sardinian, a distinctive Mexican votive object and an age-old symbol embodying love, compassion, wisdom, and inner strength. This symbolic motif became the guiding thread weaving through the intricate details of our design.

The timeless shawl, with its intricate embroidery and subtle hues, served as our muse, influencing the color palette for the flowers. These colors were artfully employed to craft the bouquet and adorn the compositions that graced the white lime corners and the reclaimed woods forming the iconic portals of the venue.

As night fell, the Azure-hued walls, a signature color of Oliena achieved through centuries-old lime and blue powder blending, set the stage for the enchanting dance of our bride and groom. Accompanied by the melodic tunes of a classical guitar and under a blanket of stars, the scene unfolded in a picturesque and magical atmosphere.

Frida's Timeless Legacy in Barbagia: A Styled Shooting Created by @barbaraelle_eventscreative @marypiras_events for @elisa_mocci_events

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