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Destination Wedding at Pedramare, Sardinia Wedding Photographer Alghero

A Spanish girl, an Italian boy from Milan. They met in Ireland where life has already taken them in the last few years. A mix of internationality for a truly intimate wedding that was celebrated near Sardinia's north west, in the historic Villanova Monteleone's old town, about 20 kilometers from Alghero, famous for its nature, craftsmanship and Sardinian traditions.

For them, as for many couples, love isn't erased, much less postponed and this year, despite the pandemic and Covid, many couple decided to get marry far from home anyway, giving an even stronger meaning to their union, maybe celebrating only with parents, brothers and sisters.

All that you need is a minibus and a dreamy locations to spent moments of joy together and there you got it! This sparkling bride and groom have chosen an intimate wedding lunch in Pedramare, a beautiful location overlooking the sea, finally sharing a meaningful gift made of good things with their love ones cuddling in this October coziness intimate, lovely, dreamy wedding in Sardinia.


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