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Hotel Corte Rosada in Parco di Porto Conte, Alghero, Sardinia Wedding Photographer

We are back in the most explosive way that could ever happen with these two bright, sparkling, colorful British girls!

Imagine a late July afternoon in the amazing frame of Porto Conte Park in Alghero with the endless crickets buzzing that give life to the pine forest, with a beach all for us that, on the way back, made an incredible setting on the illuminated pier of Hotel Corte Rosada... and it's done!

Through games, laughs, jokes, dances, kisses and hugs above all, those that make your heart beat just seeing and imagining them... here you'll find some pictures that anticipate the flavor of the wedding of these two incredible girls!

We still look at these pictures and we tell ourselves that we do the most beautiful job in the world.

We can't wait for 2021! Stay tuned!



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