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Wedding Proposal in Stintino, Sardinia Wedding Photographer

What could be more exciting than a sunrise wedding proposal by the sea?

She was in the dark about everything and we should have asked her how she felt that morning when she saw her fiancé get on his knees and with a bright box in his hand ask her to marry him and to share the rest of their lives... together! A perfect surprise organized to perfection: it should have been a walk by the sea to take some photos that allowed them to remember that beautiful trip to Sardinia and keeping everything secret has not been easy. And not even opting for Stintino beach has simplified things, but we chose the first light of dawn to avoid the crowds of tourists. How much wonder in her eyes when she realized that her partner has planned the best of romantic dreams... and now, you just have to wait for the wedding... Congrats my dear friends! It was nice to be your accomplice buddy! Has this ever happened to you to shoulder for a surprise like this?

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