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Tuscany, Italian Destination Wedding Photographer in Florence

A True Love in a dream place as Florence is.

Ilaria’s and Andrea’s personalities totally left me speachless: I felt the power of their feelings in their eyes and in every detail they chose. I rarely saw such intense exchanged glances of love between two souls. I really fell in love with them. Know it!

I have to thanks Ilaria and Andrea, his best man Giulio and all their friends for making me feel at home, almost part of their family. Thank you for the trust and for letting me document the most beautiful day of your life being witness to such a great love.

A very special thank to Patricia Corigliano Giovannini for giving me the opportunity to take part in this incredible adventure.

It has been a magical day!

Venue: Villa Castiglione, Firenze

Bride's Dress and Shoes: Atelier La Sposa di Firenze

Make Up and Hair: Francesca Raiconi Freestyle Parrucchieri

Groom's Dress: Petrelli Uomo

Flowers: Vissia Carotti

Music: Andrea Chiarugi & Gabriele Vegni

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