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Elopement at Hotel Cala di Volpe in Porto Cervo, Sardinia Wedding Photographer

Anbar and Lawrence are Americans, they got married 10 years ago but at that time they didn't have the opportunity to take photos to capture one of the best moments of their life.

A few months ago Lawrence contacted me and told me that together with his wife Anbar they would be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in Italy. She made the wish to do it in Sardinia, a place she had always dreamed of; indeed, despite having already traveled all the world around, it was here that she imagined renewing her marriage vows. Lawrence told me that it would be a very important moment for him and that he wanted to make his life partner feels like a princess.

What better time than to renew their promises after exactly 10 years? And why not do it in the most intimate way possible by pampering yourself and giving yourself the experience of doing it in one of the most enchanting places in Sardinia? He chose for her Hotel Cala di Volpe, in Porto Cervo, in the heart of the Costa Smeralda. Set on one of the most picturesque bays on the island, signed by the French genius of Jacques Couëlle, the architect who loved to call himself a house sculptor, Hotel Cala di Volpe welcomed and protected this intimate and special celebration by donating to Anbar and Lawrence what they had not been able to allow themselves at the wedding celebration: a photographic service capable of immortalizing the fullness of their love with the shots of a dream.

Celebrant: Claudia Murroni


Sardinia Luxury Wedding in Costa Smeralda.

Elopement at Hotel Cala di Volpe in Porto Cervo, Capriccioli beach.

Your best Italian destination wedding photographer in Sardinia.


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