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Easter at the time of Covid-19, Sardinia Family Photographer

In these static days, always turning around the same tasks, the festive days inevitably lose their usual connotations to be painted with new shades and new tones. So Easter came, a celebration of family rituals that this year were apparently lost, and passed without those points of reference built with lifetime experiences. No sharing, no morning chocolate eggs, no family lunch, none of that... Now it is necessary to rebuild new meanings, new perspectives, to redefine family spaces, set a new rhythm, new rituals.

Obliged by this global enemy to stay home, there is nothing left to do but observe around us and look inside ourselves to understand changes in our lifes, on a personal and social level. So, we are locked at home, completely absorbed by the staring of our son. A new mother whispers words of infinite love.

A new dad holds in his hands the sweetness of a brand new smile. Sweet scents warm our house, while everything has stopped outside.

Few flags fly on the balconies and a banner wishing to a world that lost its cardinal points: "everything will be ok". Music in the air and it seems all like a slow motion, which is more an observation of this new time. Inside the house. Outside the house.

Transmutations in the making, that mark the shots of our intimate and private day.

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